If you aren't in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?”

— T.S. Eliot


Well a couple of years ago I tried that "song a week" thing. I learnt a lot "trying" and now  it's time to try again. First/last thing I learnt was the difficulty of the recording, mixing and production. That got in the way of the music and took up way too much time. It's so important that you hear the song and to do that the production must be transparent.

So I'll do something I've never done - or liked- before: Covers. If I can learn to hone my production chops on known songs I hope to have a good reference for the sound and get to sound pro enough you only hear the song. So let's start with step ONE. Thank you U2. The song is everything.


One 2  

Hi, Hope you enjoy my take on U2's classic ONE. I like it, I feel I caught the essence of U2 (little dotted 1/8th digital delay) but added more picked acoustic guitar. I played all guitar, bass and vocals in my new sound room and it worked a treat to isolate me from the external world of noise. I sampled the drums and built the drum line in Logic Pro X (more computing than music :-). This is my 5th rendition !!  a lot of exasperation and desperation to get here. Steve.

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