HarpersMan's home

Born in the Boro, in the wet and wild NE of England, I left at 18 and got H-educated, traveled and worked around the world. Boise, USA is home now, no finer little city in the world.

Started playing guitar about 16, dabbled with song writing, gigged, taught guitar, brewed beer, coached soccer and over-worked in semiconductors, well, isn't that the only work done there :-)

2 constants in my life ; Sue Harper, my lovely wife, hence the name - HarpersMan,  and song writing. I struggle to practice or learn cover songs (teaching helped me there) - as off I go noodling melodies and chord progressions and seeding songs. The creative brain is a mess, bit like my desk and garage...

So here I am again - creating and trying to produce the best I can. For early 2019 I'm going to hone my recording/production chops on a block of covers. Then I'll be writing again.

Tools of the trade: I've built a sound "box" for recording (I'll blog on this). I bought a block of Izotope mixing tools (Neutron2, Nectar3 ) that do smart "algorithmic" based mixing which will leave me more time to play and give a better sound - I hear you purists, but hey I really don't have the time, because I'm making chips that power smart AI, so hey - I may as well use them right?!  Similarly I'm using LANDR for mastering but may go to Izotope Ozone, if they'll give me WAV quality files and long term its cheaper and more in my control. DAW of choice is LogicX, UAD unison preamps. Lots of guitars: PRS Custom 22, BnG Little Sister, Martin GPX, , Fender Mustang Bass and an old Zager Dreadnought that should not sound as good as it does. I'm using a Headrush FX board on electric guitars, again for a wide range of tones without owning 20 amps. If I gig I go through the Headrush to my PA.  I haven't gigged for some time and I'm not in a rush too until I get the tone and set-up I'm happy with. Pure excellence or don't bother... I'm too old for anything less.

harpersman.com/ is my domain powered by Bandzoogle. Again making it easy to make a site so I make music, but look pro.

No point in creating unless you share, so its always good to have people to share with. Thanks for checking the site, listening in, and especially if you enjoy the work and leave comments. That makes it all the more fun.

keep listening, Steve.